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Baseball Tournaments


Middle Tennessee Baseball Association Championship

Dates: May 31-June 3
Location: Grassland Park
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USSSA Tennessee State Tournament

Dates: June 9-10
Location: Grassland Park
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 USSSA Sunday Only Fall Shootout 

Dates:  September 30
Location:  Grassland Park
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USSSA September Shutout #2

Dates: September 23-24
Location: Grassland Park
11U: Champion: MT Tigers; Runner-Up: SC Force

USSSA Easter Challenge

Dates: April 15
Location: Grassland Park
10U(a): Champion: Legends Baseball; Runner-Up: Wilson Woodchucks
10U(b): Champion: Team Grit; Runner-Up: Cross Hit Gray

USSSA 600 Pts Global Super State

Dates: June 3-4
Location: Grassland Park
7U: Champion: Knoxville Stars; Runner-Up: Tennessee Renegades
8U: Champion: Tennessee Bucks; Runner-Up: Murfreesboro Aces
9U Open: Champion: Wilson Vols; Runner-Up: Christian County Cubs
10U Open (a): Champion: Young Guns; Runner-Up: Clarksville Mudcats
10U Open (b): Champion: Columbia Elite; Runner-Up: Victory Baseball Club
11U AA: Champion: Bandit Baseball; Runner-Up: Bats Baseball
11U AAA (a): Champion: Clarksville Orioles Orange; Runner-Up: Naturals Baseball
11U AAA (b): Bethesda Bandits; Runner-Up: Middle Tennessee Outlaws Gold
12U AA: Pursuit Baseball; Runner-Up: Tennessee TNT
12U Open (a): Champion: Showtime Cannons; Runner-Up: SWA Storm
12U Open (b): Champion: Exposure Baseball; Runner-Up: Old Hickory Generals

USSSA Tennessee State Tournament

Dates: June 9-11
Location: Grassland Park
8U Open: Champion: Wilson Vols; Runner-Up: Dragons Baseball
9U Open: Champion: Wilson Vols; Runner-Up: EWA Warriors
10U AA: Champion: Wilson Woodchucks; Runner-Up: Nitro Dodgers
10U Open: Champion: Station Camp; Runner-Up: WC Thunder
11U AA: Champion: Pure Baseball; Runner-Up: Middle Tennessee Dirtbags
11U AAA: Champion: Wilson Vols; Runner-Up: Diamond Dawgs
12U AA: Champion: TN TNT; Runner-Up: Franklin Rebels
12U Open: Champion: Old Hickory Generals; Runner-Up: Knights Baseball
13U AA: Champion: Showtime Prospects; Runner-Up: Franklin Bombers
13U Open: Champion: MAD Mavericks; Runner-Up: Crieve Hall Crusaders
14U AA: Champion: Game Time Baseball; Runner-Up: Havoc Baseball Club

Middle Tennessee Baseball Association Championship

Dates: June 16-18
Location: Grassland Park
8U: Champion: Franklin Rebels 8; Runner-Up: Franklin Rebels 7
9U: Champion: Crieve Hall; Runner-Up: Grassland Express
10U: Champion: Franklin Generals; Runner-Up: Franklin Rebels
11U: Champion: Franklin Rebels; Runner-Up: Crieve Hall
12U: Champion: Crieve Hall; Runner-Up: Franklin Generals

See photos of the champions and runners-up here

USSSA Global World Series

Dates: June 27-July 1
Location: Grassland Park
12U: Champion: Central Arrows; Runner-Up: Brighton Bandits
14U: Champion: Brentwood Orioles; Runner-Up: Ascension Renegades


USSSA Easter Egg Scramble II

Dates: March 26
Location: Grassland Park
10U: Champion: Tennessee Bulldogs; Runner-Up: Pursuit
11U: Champion: Tennessee Outlaws; Runner-Up: Grassland Rampage
12U: Champion: Grassland Smoke; Runner-Up: Crieve Hall Thunder

GAA/BSAA 3rd Annual Donnie Farmer June Jam

Dates: June 2-5
Locations: Grassland Park; Reese Smith Jr. Ballpark
6U: Champion: WNSL Tennessee Admirals; Runner-Up: SWA Shooters
7U: Champion: Hendersonville Select; Runner-Up: WNSL Dudes
8U: Champion: Bellevue Tigers; Runner-Up: Hendersonville Select
9U: Champion: WNSL Notes; Runner-Up: Grassland Legends
10U: Champion: WNSL Nashville Baseball Academy; Runner-Up: WNSL Crushin' It
11U: Champion: Grassland Eagles; Runner-Up: Brentwood Marauders
12U: Champion: WNSL Warriors; Runner-Up: Hendersonville Select

USSSA Tennessee State Championship

Dates: June 10-12
Location: Grassland Park
8U Coach Pitch AA - Champion: Tennessee Thunder; Runner-Up: MT Brigade
8U Coach Pitch AAA - Champion: Wilson Vols; Runner-Up: Knights Baseball
9U AA - Champion: Show Me Athletics; Runner-Up: MT Renegades
9U AAA - Champion: Rawlings Prospects - Memphis; Runner-Up: Young Guns
10U AA (Upper Flight) - Champion: Bethesda Bandits; Runner-Up: Hendersonville Rangers
10U AA (Lower Flight) - Champion: Franklin Bombers; Runner-Up: MT Dirdbags
10U AAA - Champion: Clarksville Orioles (Orange); Runner-Up: Diamond Dawgs
10U Major - Champion: Memphis Tigers; Runner-Up: Tennessee Bulldogs
11U AA - Champion: Tennessee Sluggers; Runner-Up: Marshall County Bomb Squad
11U Major (Upper Flight) - Champion: M3 Elite; Runner-Up: Clarksville Orioles
11U Major (Lower Flight) - Champion: SWA Storm; Runner-Up: Tennessee Express
12U AA - Champion: Cross Hit; Runner-Up: Clarksville Thunder
12U Open (Upper Flight) - Champion: Knights Baseball; Runner-Up: Exposure
12U Open (Lower Flight) - Champion: Grassland Smoke; Runner-Up: Tennessee Blast
13U AA - Champion: Brentwood Orioles; Runner-Up: Havoc Baseball Club
13U AAA - Champion: Crosshit Black; Runner-Up: Game Time Elite
14U Open - Champion: Clarksville Bulldogs; Runner-Up: Tennessee Prospects

Cal Ripken District Tournament

Dates: June 17-19
Location: Grassland Park
9U: Champion: WNSL Notes; Runner-Up: Grassland Legends
11U: Champion: Grassland Eagles; Runner-Up: Brentwood Marauders

See photos of the championship game teams here.


GAA/BSAA 2nd Annual Donnie Farmer June Jam

Dates: June 4-7
6U Coach Pitch - Champion: Nolensville All-Stars; Runner-Up: SWA All-Stars
7U Machine Pitch - Champion: SWA Crush; Runner-Up: Bellevue Tigers
8U Machine Pitch - Champion: Hendersonville Select; Runner-Up: Bellevue Commodores
9U - Champion: WNSL Knights (National); Runner-Up: WNSL Knights (American)
10U - Champion: Hendersonville Select; Runner-Up: Grassland Eagles
11U - Champion: WNSL Warriors; Runner-Up: Brentwood Tigers
12U - Champion: Brentwood Braves; Runner-Up: Grassland Legends

See photos of the championship game teams here.

USSSA Tennessee State Championship

Dates: June 11-14
Location: Grassland Park
8U Coach Pitch AAA - Champion: Boro Blazers; Runner-Up: Columbia Elite
9U AA - Champion: MOAB Dragons; Runner-Up: Longshots of Middle Tennessee
10U AA - Champion: HAH Venom; Runner-Up: Show Me Athletics
11U A - Champion: Middle Tennessee Outlaws; Runner-Up: Stingrays Baseball
11U AA - Champion: Bearcatz Baseball; Runner-Up: Grassland Smoke
11U AAA - Champion: Crieve Hall MAD Mavericks: Runner-Up: Tennessee Blast
12U AA - Champion: Clarksville Orioles; Runner-Up: Tennessee Sluggers
12U AAA - Champion: Nashville Storm; Runner-Up: MAD Mayhem
13U AA - Champion: Grassland Thunder; Runner-Up: Warren County Pioneers
13U AAA - Champion: Franklin Bombers; Runner-Up: Cross Hit Baseball Academy
14U AAA - Champion: SC Bulldogs; Runner-Up: Stingrays Baseball

Cal Ripken District Tournament

Dates: June 18-22
Location: Grassland Park
6U Coach Pitch - Champion: Donelson All-Stars; Runner-Up: Nolensville All-Stars
9U - Champion: WNSL Knights (American); Runner-Up: WNSL Knights (National)

See photos of the champions here.

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